Dolphin Power Qigong

Brings calmness and happiness, focusing on the dolphins joyous nature.

 "The movements are easy to learn and do. They are soft and beautiful, and at the same time strengthening. People in the ages from about 12 years to 90 years can practice Dolphin Power Qi Gong to strengthen their health and counteract illnesses.  

The beautiful classical Chinese music and the authentic sounds of sea and dolphins accompany the instructions and lead you into a deeper state where you come into contact with the sky’s freedom and the ocean’s vast living space, filling you with heartfelt love and well-being. 

Fan Xiulan
Founder and Qi Gong master

Course Curriculum

Biyun Academy

Lars Johansson

Qigong Instructor

Dolphin Power Qigong is the foremost method to give a joyful feeling in the heart and gratitude towards these remarkable sea creatures!

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